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Proceedings at International Conferences

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  4. Journées de Statistique, SFdS, Lille 2015 Estimation rapide non-paramétrique de la densité de la distribution d’entropie maximale pour les statistiques d’ordre. with J.-F. Delmas, A. Dutfoy et R. Fischer.
  5. Modélisation de la dépendance sous contrainte déterministe. In the Proceedings of 19e Congrès de Maîtrise des Risques et Sûreté de Fonctionnement 2014. Dijon, with J.-F. Delmas, A. Dutfoy et R. Fischer.
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Conference Organisation


  1. Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning (P. Bartlett, C. Butucea, J. Schmidt-Hieber), March 21-27, 2021, MFOberwolfach, Germany
  2. Mathematical Methods of Statistics - Robustness and computational efficiency of algorithms in statistical learning
    (C. Butucea, S. Minsker, C. Pouet, V. Spokoiny), December 14-18, 2020 CIRM, Luminy, France
  3. Mathematical Methods of Statistics (C. Butucea, C. Pouet, V. Spokoiny), December 16-20, 2019 CIRM, Luminy, France
  4. Mathematical Methods of Statistics (C. Butucea, C. Pouet, V. Spokoiny) December 16-21, 2018 Fréjus, France
  5. Workshop on High-dimensional problems and quantum physics, June 8-10, 2015, Champs-sur-Marne, Marne-la-Vallée
  6. Workshop (C. Butucea, P. Vandekerkhove) Statistique des nouvelles données, June 2012, Champs-sur-Marne, Marne-la-Vallée



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